Project Description

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The Bowie Power Station is a 1,000 megawatt electric generation facility planned for southeastern Arizona near the community of Bowie in Cochise County.

Clean-burning natural gas will serve as the fuel source.

The project is being developed by SouthWestern Power Group to meet the growing demand for electricity.


  • Overall residential property tax burden in Cochise County should be reduced because of millions of new tax dollars the facility will pay
  • 500-600 construction jobs
  • Generates direct and indirect local tax revenue to support schools, police, fire, libraries and the Cochise County general fund
  • 20-40 high-paying fulltime jobs
  • Permanent payroll projected to be $1 - $2 million annually
  • Stable and reliable source of electricity to keep lights on and air conditioners running
  • Baseload electricity supplies are needed in Arizona where statewide growth is continuing at over 3%, or 200,000 people, each year

Environmental Impact

  • Minimizes emissions by using clean natural gas and modern control systems
  • Continuous 24-hour monitoring will ensure emission control systems function in accordance with state and federal air quality laws and regulations
  • Water use will be less than historical agricultural operations
  • Water recycling will be incorporated to maximize efficiency and minimize use
  • Waste heat is recycled to generate additional electricity using steam turbine technology


All necessary permits for construction, operation and maintenance have been granted, including zoning, air permit and Certificate of Environmental Compatibility.


All engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) is being handled by MMR Group based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.




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