What is the project?

The Bowie Power Station is a 1,000 megawatt, natural gas fueled combined-cycle facility. At full build-out he project would generate enough power to serve 250,000 homes. We expect to build the project in two phases of up to 500 megawatts each.

Where would the plant be located?

The site is in southeast Arizona (80 miles east of Tucson) in Cochise County. It's 2 miles north of I-10 and the community of Bowie. The project site and surrounding area are primarily agricultural. The area was chosen because of its remote location, proximity to existing natural gas lines and transmission infrastructure, rail and freeway access, available land and adequate water supplies.

When will it be built?

Each project phase will take approximately 3-4 years to complete. We are currently revising the project's construction schedule and will provide updates as they become available.

How many jobs will the facility create?

In Cochise County alone, there will be 500-600 construction jobs. When the plant is operational, it will employ 20-40 fulltime workers representing a permanent payroll projected to be $1 - $2 million annually. Additionally, the state of Arizona will see increased employment indirectly from related industries and services that will benefit. We will work with local schools and colleges to train and hire locally.

How can one apply for a construction job or one of the fulltime jobs?

Please refer to the Contact Us page for details.

How much new tax revenue will the facility create?

The plant represents a capital investment in Cochise County totalling several hundred million dollars. As a result, we expect that the Bowie Power Station will become the largest taxpayer in the County. This will cause the overall residential property tax burden in the County to be reduced because of millions of new tax dollars the facility will pay. It will generate direct and indirect local tax revenue to support schools, police, fire, libraries and the Cochise County general fund. Additionally, the state of Arizona will benefit from new tax revenue generated by the facility.

How clean is a natural gas power facility compared to others, such as pulverized coal?

Natural gas facilities are significantly cleaner. In fact, natural gas is the only type of fossil fuel-based generation facility that could be successfully permitted today in California, which has the most stringent air quality regulations of any state. Bowie Power Station meets California’s air emissions standards and will be among the cleanest in Arizona, incorporating the latest in emission control technology that exists today.

Why is water necessary for the operation of the facility?

Water is used to produce steam which generates additional electricity and to cool the steam after it’s used in the steam turbine. Water is cycled through the plant numerous times after traveling through adjacent cooling towers. Water recycling is incorporated to maximize efficiency and minimize use. It eventually ends up in a large lined pond where it harmlessly evaporates back into the atmosphere.

Can the facility use as much water as it wants?

No. Strict limits on groundwater withdrawal for the Bowie Power Station are set by state regulators in a permit to construct and operate the plant. The permitted use is less than historical agriculture operations at the site. A detailed hydrology report was developed and used by the Arizona Corporation Commission to support the permitting of the facility. Groundwater funds totaling $1 million for the life of the facility, as well as a rigid monitoring program in conjunction with the Department of Water Resources and other state/county agencies will provide long-term assurances to protect other groundwater users.

Can a solar energy plant be incorporated onto the site?

Solar energy is becoming an important part of Arizona’s electric generation plans and we want to be a part of it. The natural gas facility opens the door for solar energy at the site and makes solar energy production more cost-effective because access to the necessary electrical transmission and natural gas delivery infrastructure can be shared at the site. In fact, it is our intention to respond to requests-for-proposals seeking concentrating solar thermal power. If we’re successful in securing a contract, there will be a large solar footprint at the site.

Why is SWPG planning new generation?

To meet the increasing electricity demands of current and forecasted growth in Arizona, new sources of power are needed. Deregulation of the utility industry has created a competitive market for providing that power. This is particularly the case in growing residential, commercial, and industrial loads in Arizona.

Are any other power plants planned for Cochise County?

No power projects besides the Bowie Power Station have been announced in Cochise County. There is one large, existing power generation facility in Cochise County near the Town of Willcox. This 520 megawatt coal-fired facility, known as the Apache Generating Station, is owned and operated by Arizona Electric Power Cooperative.

Who is SouthWestern Power Group?

SouthWestern Power Group is a Phoenix-based company that develops and, through affiliates constructs, owns and operates gas-fired power plants throughout the United States. For the past 30 years, SouthWestern’s staff has been involved in the siting, environmental permitting, design, engineering, construction, financing and operations of power plants, power distribution systems and transmission facilities, both domestically and internationally. For more information, go to: www.SouthWesternPower.com.


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